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Bactifeed is a biological soil system that is certified to USDA Organic Standards. It is rich in microbes and enzymes that increase soil microbial activity, which enhances a plant’s ability to uptake nutrients. It also promotes vigorous root growth. Bactifeed naturally increases the soil’s water holding capacity, and reduces water demands by up to 30%. Available in a 0.48 oz. residential-scale package (Treats up to 5,000 square feet of garden, lawn, or compost bins), or a 5.8 oz. bottle that treats up to 10 acres. Available at Speedway and Ina Facilities. Bactifeed can be applied in a watering can or bucket, or more uniformly applied using the Hozon Siphon Applicator.

0.48 oz. package (treats 5,000 sq. ft.)

5.8 oz. bottle (treats 10 acres) 

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