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Bud's Basic Coco Mix

Bud’s Basic Coco Mix is a universal, no frills growing medium containing only Prococo Coco Peat and Perlite. This zero-nutrient base is a blank canvas for you to work with to plan your own nutrient plan. Whether you are starting seeds or growing to term, Bud’s Basic Coco Mix provides a solid foundation for any Autoflowering or Photoperiod growing project.

Starting with Bud’s Basic Coco Mix, you can ensure your seeds or seedlings are grown with adequate water retention and aeration. Everything after that (using organic vs. inorganic fertilizers, adding minerals, etc.) is up to you!

AVAILABLE IN: 1.5 cu ft and 16 qt bags & bulk

INGREDIENTS: Prococo Coconut Coir Peat, Perlite

16 QT Bag
Bud's SuperSoil
Bud The Dog
buds basic coco
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