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buds super coco

Bud's SuperCoco Mix

Bud’s Super Coco Mix takes Bud’s Basic Mix to a whole other, super level. This mix contains Coco Peat, Perlite, and Tank’s Organic Supermix Fertilizer. The addition of Supermix to the basic growing medium starts your grow off to an all-organic start.

With 16 natural and organic “super” ingredients including worm castings, biochar, and bat guano, Supermix ensures an abundance of long-term nutrients and trace minerals that boost beneficial microbiology and plant health. Using Bud’s Super Coco Mix, you will get more mileage out of your growing medium and can wait longer before adding additional nutrients to your plants.

AVAILABLE IN: 1.5 cu ft and 16 qt bags & bulk

INGREDIENTS: Prococo Coco Peat, Perlite, Tank’s Supermix Organic fertilizer (OMRI listed).

16 QT Bag
Bud's SuperSoil
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