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Bud's SuperSoil

Bud’s Super Soil is a living soil designed to be ready-to-plant for container growing. This is the ideal soil for any Autoflowering or Photoperiod strain, grown from an entirely organic start! Whether you are beginning from seed, clones, or transplant, this mix is chock full of nutrients and beneficial microbiology. Cocopeat and Cocochip create a light, airy texture that provides a balance between moisture retention and aeration. Perlite provides sufficient drainage for straight-forward irrigation. The compost in Bud’s Super Soil contributes energy exchange and supports a biologically-rich environment for plant health and natural terpenes.

Bud’s Super Soil is pre-fertilized with Supermix Organic Fertilizer, but we recommend additional organic amendments for maximum yields. For example, adding a phosphorus rich fertilizer during the flowering stage of plant growth.

INGREDIENTS: Compost, Coco Peat, Coco Chip, Perlite, and SuperMix Organic Fertilizer.

16 QT Bag
Bud's SuperSoil
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