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De La Tanks

De La Tanks



De la Tank’s Soil Mix is the product of a partnership with YouTube’s Becca De la Plants and Tank’s Green Stuff to create an ideal soil for indoor plants. Some of the most common issues faced by indoor plants stem from over-watering, or under-watering. It can be difficult to find the right balance! 

To address this issue, De la Tank’s Soil Mix combines fast-draining elements like pumice and coconut coir chips with amendments like Tank’s Organic Compost, and Tank’s Organic Supermix Fertilizer.

Together, these elements create a soil that will spread moisture evenly throughout your container while allowing air to circulate to the root zone. 

AVAILABLE IN: 1 qt, 8 qt, 16 qt, and 1.5 cu ft bags & bulk

INGREDIENTS: Tank’s Organic Compost, Tank’s Organic Supermix Fertilizer, Horticultural Pumice, Prococo Chips (coconut coir)

De La Tanks

*De La Tanks es la mezcla ideal para plantas de interior. 

Designed and tested with Becca de la Plants. 

Want to know more about soil? Go visit this link. 

1 qt bag
De La Tanks
8 qt bag
De La Tanks
16 qt bag
De La Tanks
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