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All Aboard The Great Garden Express

Next time you are at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, be sure to pay a visit to The Great Gardens Express. Tank's Green Stuff is a sponsor and you will see the Tank's Tree Guy chugging past on the side of our train car! 

Not only is the model railway layout under the shade of mature trees, the fine mulch we delivered for the garden beds and pathways helps to lower the ambient temperature. It will also ensure the soil can hold more moisture when much needed monsoon rains arrive, keeping it available to the trees and plants for longer. The plantings and structural elements are inspired by Arizona's Sky Islands. The buildings are of the Missions of the Southwest and beloved National Parks landmarks. Look really closely at the architectural details of those monuments and churches: the roof tiles, cupolas, and corbels are all rendered in pine cones, seed pods and other botanical elements. For more information and the train schedule visit: 

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