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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Community engagement, outreach, and volunteerism have been important to the focus of Tank’s Green Stuff since the beginning. Now, we are happy to announce the arrival of Tank’s Green & Clean – a registered 501(c)(3) that formalizes the continuation of Tank’s history of generosity to the Tucson community.

“Tank’s Green Stuff provides ongoing resources and education through compost exhibits, compost donations, community clean-ups, building community gardens, and more. As a registered nonprofit, TANK’S GREEN&CLEAN’s goal is to raise donations to support even more Tucson organizations in need.

Gardening brings communities together, creates a lifelong passion, beautifies spaces, cleans the environment, produces food, protects our soil, enhances mental health, and more. But, even the smallest garden needs good soil and a seed to get started.

Our goal is to raise money under TANK’S GREEN&CLEAN so that we can grow the support we have always provided. Soon you will be able to visit and donate through the TANK’S GREEN&CLEAN page or find out ways to volunteer and get dirty with TANKS!”

– Staci Stompoly, Tank’s Green & Clean

Facilitated by Tank’s Green & Clean, Tank’s donates:


Roll-off use, drop-off and haul-away


Fill dirt

Planting soil

Raised planter beds

Gardening labor and know how


And much more..

  • Watch the video below to hear Staci and Shota speak about one community project completed with the help of Tank’s Green & Clean and Tank’s Green Stuff!

  • Please follow the Tank’s Green & Clean Facebook page for updates on events, volunteer projects, and more!

- Grace McGuire, 2022

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