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  • Coconut coir holds 10 to 20 times more moisture when hydrated than dry weight; reduces the use of irrigation

  • More sustainable than traditional peat moss sourced from wetlands

  • Long lasting; effective for up to 4 or 5 years

  • OMRI listed product suitable for hydroponics, organic soil mixes, landscaping and container planting

  • Promotes medium for beneficial soil microbial growth

Directions for use: Place 1-2 Prococo blocks in a large water-tight bin or tub, or a wheelbarrow. Add water and allow the block to sit in the water (generally around 4 gallons per block). While the coco blocks soak up the water, you can gently break up the block until it is free of clumps. Do not let the coir dry out completely before use.

Here is a link to a short clip on expanding Prococo.


Coco chips



Prococo Coco Peat is a fine, fibrous material made from coconut husks. This product functions in the same way as traditional peat sourced from wetlands, but is more sustainable because it is a by-product of the coconut water industry.

Prococo Coco Chip is a chunky, cubed material made from coconut husks. Coco Chip is a great material for adding to soil structure, creating drainage and aeration, and will hold on to moisture for long periods of time in soil.

Coco chips also make a great mulch cover for fruit trees, or around veggie plants.

Tank’s partners with the Tucson based company Prococo™ to source CocoPeat and CocoChip for organic soil mixes. 

Both the peat and the chip are great for hydroponics, microgreen sprouting, seedling blends, herbs, and in terrariums!  

Sold in 2.5 cubic ft. blocks 

Prococo CocoChip
Prococo CocoPeat

Coco peat

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