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Tank’s Green Stuff CBS biochar is certified as a Class 3 biochar by the International Biochar Initiative; the biochar meets standards required for use in soils and has high carbon content (95%). It was produced at 1200℃ for 8.5 hours. 

*Do not let biochar completely dry out before mixing with soil as it can become a fire hazard. 

Biochar Soil Conditioner

Biochar is a soil conditioner that helps to retain water and also increases the microbiology activity. 

  • ​Fine

  • Medium

  • Coarse

  • Super Char

Biochar is very light weight, making it a fantastic addition to green roofs!

Tank’s Green Stuff juniper-based biochar is a carbon-rich soil input that has been shown to increase soil water and nutrient retention and increase plant growth. Made using juniper tree waste from Arizona, this biochar can hold nearly 5 times its weight in water. In addition, this biochar is VERY porous, providing a habitat for soil microbes. This porous structure also means that it has a vast reactive surface area ready to participate in the local soil ecosystem. One gram of this biochar has as much surface area as ¼ of a hockey rink, or 378 square meters. Also equal to 1/10 of the square footage of Bill Gates home. Or 30 parking spaces. Or 95 king size beds. Or 350 baths towels!

Biochar stays in soil for a long time -hundreds to thousands of years! It can also be used to deliver nutrients to soil as long as biochar is mixed with nutrients first (such as compost or fertilizer). We recommend blending biochar with up to 50% of our Tank’s Green Stuff 100% Organic Compost or SuperMix Fertilizer before use. 

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