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Approximately 600 lbs. per cu-yard

*Decorative Wood Chips son 100% naturales, sin quimicos, tintes o aditivos. Utilizar como mantilla funcional, cobertura decorativa, en cuencas, alrededor de arboles, etc.


TANK'S Decorative Wood Chips

Tank’s Green Stuff’s Decorative Wood Chips are made from hand-sorted logs from mesquite, palo verde, pine, and other assorted trees. These wood chips are 100% natural, made without color additives or chemical dyes. This beautiful recycled material has a rich blend of browns, light tans, and subtle reds throughout. The wood chips are ideal for mulching around trees to conserve water and keep the root-zone cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wood chips make a great topdressing for a perennial bed or planter. They should also be used for rain water harvesting basins or berms, to control soil erosion and reduce evaporation. Wood chip mulch fosters beneficial soil microorganisms, and provides the soil with organic matter as the wood decomposes over time.

The wood chips are available in two sizes: Large and Small. The Large wood chips are 3″ minus, while the small wood chips are 1/2″ minus. When applied to rainwater harvesting areas, the Large 3″ size is perfect for areas that experience moving water. The Small 1/2″ and minus size is great for basins and inside berms to retain moisture and reduce evaporation. Small 1/2″ size is also available in 2-cubic-foot bags for sale.

Small 1/2″ size is available in 2 cubic foot bags


Large 3″ minus Yard (bulk only)


Small ½” minus (bulk or bagged)


Large Decorative Wood Chips are used to mulch around native landscape, and Small Decorative Wood Chips are used on the walkway.


Small Decorative Wood Chips as Playground Material: Before Application (Top)

After Application (Bottom)


Small Decorative Wood Chips used as ground cover alternative to traditional materials like grass or rocks. 

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