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AVAILABLE IN: 2 cu ft bags & bulk

INGREDIENTS: 100% Composted Fine Mulch


Composted Fine Mulch

Tank’s Fine Composted Mulch is made from the woody material that is screened out of our Organic Compost. Potential for weed seeds in the Fine Mulch is eliminated due to our composting process's high intensity.

Tank’s Fine Composted Mulch makes an excellent topper for veggie beds, flower beds, and around citrus trees. Mulch conserves water and controls erosion while adding organic matter for soil structure, nutrition, and reduction in water lost through evaporation.

Fine Composted Mulch keeps your beds cool in the summer, and warm in winter.

Want to create a dense, living pathway in your garden? The Fine Composted Mulch makes an excellent surface after several waterings, even becoming smooth enough for wheels to roll over! The Fine Mulch compacts and knits together with the help of mycelium and beneficial soil bacteria to create a LIVING ground cover made from the byproduct of our Organic Compost.

Recommended depth 2-4 inches.

Approximately 800 lbs. per cu-yard

Sold in 2 cu ft bags and bulk by the cu yard.

*Fine Composted Mulch es una cobertura ideal alrededor de flores, vegetales o plantas delicadas. Contiene microorganismos beneficiosos, conserva el agua y aporta nutrientes organicos a la tierra. Este producto se composta para asegurar la eliminacion de semillas no deseadas. Aumenta la actividad microbiana,  funciona como aislante ante temperaturas extremas y reduce la evaporacion.

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