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IMPORTANT: Please make sure the soil is fully hydrated as you fill beds/containers. The Arizona weather evaporates moisture quickly. CLICK HERE to watch a short clip of properly hydrated soil.

Approximately 1500 lbs. per cu-yard

100% Organic Compost
100% Organic Compost

TANK'S Organic Compost

Available in 1 cubic foot bags and in bulk (cubic yard)

Tank’s Green Stuff Organic Compost is our bread and butter - the product that gave us our namesake and the foundation of all our soil blends. 

Our famous “green stuff” is made from locally sourced landscape trimmings and garden debris, organic dairy manure, lots of aeration and moisture, beneficial microbiology, and organic elemental sulfur (pH buffer). Lots of LOVE and DEVOTION to the art of what we affectionately call “microbe farming”. 

Tank’s Green Stuff adheres to the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance program. The compost is tested for vital mineral and nutrient content such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and more to ensure that soil amended with our compost will be the healthiest it can be.

In addition, our compost is tested for pathogens and heavy metals to make sure Tank’s compost is the highest quality available. Please check out our video explaining the composting process in greater detail.

Compost can be used as a soil amendment, over-seeding and grass, or as a component of a soil mix.  

AVAILABLE IN: 1 cu ft bags & bulk 

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Compost

100% Organic Compost

Why is composting cool?

Composting is a vital practice for ensuring the longevity of our landfills and the investment in soil for our future. It is estimated that when food waste and biosolids like tree trimmings, brush, and lawn trimmings are composted instead of sent to the landfill we avoid sending 2.7 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere (USCC 2022). 

We desperately need compost to aid in the re-establishment of the organic matter in our soils. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has reported that the topsoil in the USA is vanishing almost ten times faster than it is being replaced - one third of the world’s topsoil is already damaged (United Nations News 2022). 

This is devastating news that directly impacts the future of our food supply around the world.

We believe in the power of circular waste processes like composting to re-supply our lands with organic matter. Compost also provides the benefits of retaining moisture, suppressing plant diseases and pests, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, encouraging beneficial bacteria and fungi to create humus (EPA 2022).

Tank’s Green Stuff believes in the importance of supplying quality organic compost to communities throughout the southwestern USA. View a map of our retail locations here

Our goal is to enrich our home-base community of Tucson, Arizona and further knowledge of best practices, green entrepreneurship and soil health research to benefit Arizona’s composting industry. 

Interested in learning how to use compost? Check out the EPA videos below, and refer to our compost FAQ sheet for more information.

100% Organic Compost
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