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INGREDIENTS: Tank’s Green Stuff 100% Organic Compost, Worm Castings, Heat Treated Chicken Manure, Guano, Calcium, Zeolite, Gypsum, Biochar, Alfalfa Meal, Feather Meal, Blood Meal, Kelp Meal, Seaweed Extract, Humates, Humic Acid, and Trace Minerals.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Established Plants: Use 1/2 cup of Supermix Fertilizer per square foot of soil.

Potted Plants: Use 1 cup of Supermix Fertilizer per 10 gallons of soil

(1 Tablespoon per One-Gallon Container, 1/4 Cup per Five-Gallon Container)


*Supermix es un fertilizante 100% orgánico ideal para todo tipo de plantas. Incluyendo vegetales, flores, frutas, cactus, suculentas y cítricos, entre muchas otras.

TANK'S Super Mix 100% Organic Fertilizer 

Tank’s SuperMix Organic Fertilizer is an OMRI listed soil amendment great for any new projects or established gardens. SuperMix is designed to provide your plants with an initial dose of nutrients, while promoting long term soil health and nutrient availability. 

Worm castings, bat guano, biochar, and 13 other organic “super” ingredients are blended together and cured to provide a versatile natural and organic fertilizer. 

With an NPK of 2-2-1 SuperMix can be used at any stage of your garden without the risk of “burning” the plant. SuperMix is ideal for boosting your soil’s nutrient availability and encouraging beneficial soil microbiology. 

Great for all plants! Veggies, flowers, trees, fruit, cacti, succulents and citrus. 

AVAILABLE IN: 4 and 10 lbs bags & bulk

4 lb bag
Tank's Organic Supermix Fertilizer
10 lb bag
Tank's Organic Supermix Fertilizer

In a Ten Pound Bag of Tanks SuperMix: 

Pounds per bag:  0.5 lbs per cup

Cups per bag:  20

Half Cups per bag:  40

One Gallon Containers per bag:  200

(1 Tablespoon per One-Gallon)

Five Gallon Containers per bag:  40

Square Feet per bag:  40

Pounds per Square Feet:  0.25 lbs/sq ft

Per 10 lb. bag or 4 lb. bag  - Contact us for bulk pricing! - 1500 LBS

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