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TANK'S Perlite

Tank’s uses perlite in almost all custom soil blends. Perlite is a wonderful addition to any horticultural toolbox because it helps to balance water retention with good drainage.

The light, porous, rocky material is a sponge for water, but also a building block for soil structure.

Add perlite to your existing soil for any vegetable or flower garden. It is also a great supplement for indoor plant soil!

Benefits of perlite:

  • Acts as a natural filter for your soil

  • Helps aid against soil compaction

  • Retains just the right amount of moisture

  • Evenly distributes air throughout soil

*La perlita es un material de sustrato para plantas que ayuda a la reduccion del apelmazamiento del suelo y mejora la capacidad de drenaje del suelo.

Available in 8, 16 qt bags and bulk.


Available in: 8 and 16 qt bags & bulk

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