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Tanks Pro Lite 16 qt

Tanks-Pro Lite Seeding & Potting Mix

Tank’s Pro LITE Seeding and Potting Mix has the same great feel as our original potting mix, but lighter.


Tank’s-Pro LITE focuses on aeration and maintaining moisture while providing just enough nutrients to keep seedlings and young plants happy. 

This mix is ideal for starting vegetable, fruit, or flower seedlings, for sprouting seeds, or for small potted plants.

AVAILABLE IN16 qt bag, 8 qt bag and bulk


INGREDIENTS: Tank’s 100% Organic Compost, Prococo Peat (coconut coir fiber), and Perlite. 

Esta mezcla es ideal para vegetales, frutas o flores. También se puede utilizar para la germinación de semillas o para plantas en macetas pequeñas.

Tanks Pro Lite
8 qt bag
Tanks-Pro Lite Seeding & Potting Mix
16 qt bag
Tanks-Pro Lite Seeding & Potting Mix
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