TANK'S-Pro Planting Mix

Pro-Planting Mix is specifically designed for raised bed gardens. One of our most popular blends, the Pro Planting Mix comes ready-to-plant with a starter fertilizer designed to provide your plants with nutrients to get started.

Pro Planting Mix contains perlite to increase aeration and drainage, which makes for easy watering and healthy roots. Cocochip and Cocopeat help to make sure the soil stays moist for as long as possible between waterings. Coconut coir products are long lasting (up to 5 years) and provide a sustainable alternative to peat moss. Unlike peat moss, coco coir can be rehydrated again and again.  


We recommend that you soak the soil during installation (low and slow irrigation works best) to ensure the soil is fully hydrated. Maintaining soil moisture will prevent the soil from compacting and promote the establishment of beneficial microbiology in the soil. 

For best results we recommend regular applications of our SuperMix Organic Fertilizer and Agrigro™ Ultra Prebiotic Fertilizer.

Happy planting!

INGREDIENTS:  Tank's Organic Compost, Prococo chip, Prococo peat, Perlite, Decomposed pine, Screened native soil, cottonseed meal fertilizer.

IMPORTANT:  Please make sure the soil is fully hydrated as you fill beds/containers. The Arizona weather evaporates moisture quickly.

CLICK HERE to watch a short clip of properly hydrated soil.

For an easier way to hydrate soil, try adding Raw Yucca by NPK to your water. It is certified organic, and acts as an soil surfactant (agricultural “soap”) to break the soil tension and allow easier hydration, thorough drainage, and improved flushing of solutes.

Organic Compost, Composed Pine, Perlite, ProCoco Chip, ProCoco Peat, Cotton Seed Meal Fertilizer

Pro Planting Mix is approximately 1500 lbs. per cu-yard (0.75 tons).

*Pro Planting Mix es la mezcla ideal para plantar vegetales, frutas, hierbas y mas. Mezcla lista para usarse. Su textura la hace suficientemente porosa, favoreciendo el buen drenaje y la eficaz oxigenacion de las raices.