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TANK'S Horticultural Pumice

Pumice is used to maximize drainage and aeriation in soil. Horticultural pumice also has amazing water and nutrient retention abilities because of its surface area composition. This porous rock absorbs moisture and releases it as needed by the surrounding soil. Nutrients can be held within the pores of the stone and be used by beneficial soil microbiology. Pumice aids in the longevity of the soil.

We use pumice in our Cactus and Succulent Mix, as well as our De La Tank’s House Plant Mix.

Put pumice in your potted plants to improve the drainage and aeration of your existing soil and allow air better access to the root zone. 


Available in: 8 and 16 qt bags & bulk

8 QT Bag
TANK'S Horticultural Pumice
16 QT Bag
TANK'S Horticultural Pumice
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