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Tanks Super Pro Planting Mix
Tanks Super Pro Planting Mix

TANK'S Super Pro Planting Mix

The Tank's Super Pro-Planting Mix is truly *SUPER*. This mix builds upon the same formula as Pro Planting Mix but replaces the starter fertilizer with our SuperMix Organic Fertilizer. Super Pro Planting Mix does not contain any screened native soil, so it has a lighter feel and increased moisture retention.  

The Super Pro Planting Mix is made with 100% OMRI Listed Organic ingredients. Primed with the 16 natural and organic “super” ingredients found in our fertilizer, this mix is bound to grow some delicious veggies.    

This product comes ready-to-plant. Make sure to hydrate the soil fully and let drain before planting. 

For best results we recommend regular applications of our SuperMix Organic Fertilizer and Agrigro™ Ultra Prebiotic Fertilizer.

AVAILABLE IN: 1.5 cu ft bags & bulk

INGREDIENTS:  Tank’s Organic Compost, Decomposed Pine, Perlite, Cocochip, Cocopeat, Tank’s SuperMix Organic Fertilizer.

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