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Tank’s Green Stuff is a locally produced organic compost product made from landscape trimmings (green waste) that would otherwise go to the landfill. For information on dropping off your landscape trimmings and debris CLICK HERE. Our compost is made at our Ina Road Land Reclamation Facility using the most stringent criteria to ensure quality, purity, and consistency. Tank’s Green Stuff 100% organic soil amendment contains no fertilizers or petro-chemical additives. At Tank’s we test for vital nutrients, pathogens, and heavy metals to make sure our compost is the best and highest quality available (see more below). All Tank’s Green Stuff products are available in 1-cubic-yard totes, bulk, or bags and WE DELIVER! There is no limit to quantity that we will deliver and we offer quantity discounts.


For questions about any Tank’s Green Stuff products, send an email to, or call  520-290-2796

  • Offer many locally produced garden and landscape materials

  • We create custom soil mixes by collaborating with customers

  • We find ways to minimize the amount of material that makes its way into the landfills by creating value-added products

  • Recycle your green landscape trimmings and debris by bringing it to Tank’s

  • To see organic compost lab test results that meet the Seal of Testing Assurance Program Standards by the US Composting Council, CLICK HERE. Tank’s is tested on a monthly basis.

TANKS Testimonials


“As the owner of Landscape Cacti, a business I began in 1974, and as a plant physiologist retired from the University of Arizona, I monitor carefully how well plants grow in my planting mix. After more than two decades of making only minor adjustments to the mix, I added Tank’s Green Stuff compost. Plants growing in this new formulation grew faster and exhibited a continuity of growth rate that I had not observed in my previous formulation. Confident in the compost, I subsequently increased the percentage of Tank’s Green Stuff in future batches of mix. Incorporating this compost has allowed me to reduce the frequency of applying inorganic fertilizer, a savings of time and labor. Accelerated plant growth rates have not compromised the production of fully acclimated, climate conditioned, outside grown plants for which my nursery is known. ”

Jon Weeks, Ph.D., Owner, Landscape Cacti, Tucson AZ

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