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Buds Blends

Bud's BasicCoco

TANKS Buds BasicCoco

Bud’s Basic Coco Mix is a universal, no frills growing medium containing only Prococo Coco Peat and Perlite. This zero-nutrient base is a blank canvas for you to work with to plan your own nutrient plan. Whether you are starting seeds or growing to term, Bud’s Basic Coco Mix provides a solid foundation...

Bud's SuperSoil

TANKS Buds SuperSoil

Bud’s Super Soil is a living soil designed to be ready-to-plant for container growing. This is the ideal soil for any Autoflowering or Photoperiod strain, grown from an entirely organic start! Whether you are beginning from seed, clones, or transplant, this mix is chock full of nutrients and beneficial microbiology. 

Bud's SuperCoco

TANKS Buds SuperCoco

Bud’s Super Coco Mix takes Bud’s Basic Mix to a whole other, super level. This mix contains Coco Peat, Perlite, and Tank’s Organic Supermix Fertilizer. The addition of Supermix to the basic growing medium starts your grow off to an all-organic start. With 16 natural and organic “super” ingredients...

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