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TANK’S Decorative Wood Chips in Action

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A few dozen midtown residents gathered at a mostly empty lot on a recent Saturday morning, armed with shovels, soil and 58 plants known to attract butterflies, bees and other native pollinators.

The hardest work had already been done for them. The swath of land previously used as a dumping site had been prepared the week before, and the pollinator garden was already mapped out by experts. So for these residents of the Palo Verde Park neighborhood, the planting party was all about fun.

They dug holes and chatted as the flora and fauna-themed songs of performer Mr. Nature (Tucsonan Anthony Aldinger) wafted through the gentle morning breeze. Mr. Nature was on hand to record his weekly podcast, singing songs that included "Pollinators Rock" and "I Love Bees."

"A year ago I told my son this won't be done in my lifetime," one neighbor said to another. "Look at us today!"

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I would beware going to any of tanks facilities as they don't keep their driving areas cleared of debris dropped by other vehicles. And if your tire happens to get popped by debris at their facility they won't help you. In fact they may do what they did to us and make you drive off not allowing you to unload your refuse so now your still heavy loaded but now you have a flat tire,and have you drive off and ruin your tire because your driving on your rim. All with no apparent concern for any harm that they caused to you. So enter at your own risk, and just know you may have the pleasure of coming into c…

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